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Indus Valley Associates is a Miami-based business collaboration to deliver exceptional quality and service in all the products we deal in. The team is made of individuals with decades of business experience who are based in India and the US. We cater to the demand of superior quality FIBC bags, quartz slabs, and metallic and non-metallic minerals.

We cater to the demand of superior quality FIBC bags and quartz slabs. The FIBC bags, also known as super sacks or jumbo bags, are used in fertilizer, chemical, mineral, and food industries to carry bulk quantities of up to 2 metric tons. The quartz slabs are engineered stone-slabs for kitchen and bathroom countertops that provide unmatched aesthetics and durability as compared with marble and granite.

Various metallic and non-metallic minerals are used in manufacturing or glass and ceramics and for final finishing of high-end ceramic products.

Having our own manufacturing facilities with years of experience exporting the products around the world, we can confidently meet the quality and reliability requirement of our customers. Our FIBC manufacturing division, Pegma Resources Pvt. Ltd., quartz slabs manufacturing partners in India and China, and minerals division WMA India are recognized for their continued investments in R&D and meticulous process control to ensure quality.

Personal presence in both the countries enables us to deliver better quality service at a responsive pace.


Indus Valley Associates currently deals in FIBC bags and quartz slabs and plans to add more related products in the future.


We can provide customized solution for unique requirements of various industries as our manufacturing facility is designed and operated to deliver an extensive range of FIBC bags.

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Quartz Slabs

We offer quartz slab in designs, colors, and quality that is unmatched and adds a stylish depth to any space where they are installed. These impeccable in finish quartz slabs offer choices that were never before available in stone.

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We have mines and processing facilities for supplying high-quality non-metallic feldspar, silicas, and ballclay. We also import large quantities of zircon from Australia and supply Zirconium Silicate Opacifier.

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With our manufacturing capability, expertise in the field and relations across user base, we desired to offer products we thoroughly know, a service we can deliver swiftly and add value to the chain we enter.


Mansi Baid
Partner, US

Nitin Nahar
Partner, India

Sachin Nahar
Managing Partner, India

Shashi Jain
Managing Partner, US


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Miami, Florida 33132

+1 (305) 549-4011